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Introducing Shelley Beer

If you are looking for experience, then 28 years in clinical practice, including concurrent teaching Chinese Medicine at Victoria University for 16 of those while also serving on the Chinese Medicine Registration Board from 2000-2009, indicates a deep commitment to this ancient medical system. She has mentored a number of successful registration applicants and higher education students, and was a consultant for the National Chinese Medicine Board of Australia until December 2014.


Shelley came from a background rich in life experiences, before choosing to specialise in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Her orthodox training involved a Bachelor’s Degree from Monash University in Botany, a Graduate Diploma in Women’s Health and Ph D from the University of Melbourne, in menopause and Chinese medicine.

Upon graduation of fours years training in Chinese medicine, she undertook an internship in China at Dongzhimen Hospital of the Beijing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in 1989. There she worked in the Acupuncture Department and the Gynaecology Department using Internal (Herbal) Medicine. She has since completed a further 4 hospital internships over the past 20 years – Lanzhou, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and Beijing.

She has worked extensively within multi-disciplinary clinics. On return from China, she consulted for Bayside Natural Therapies and Clifton Hill Natural Health Centre before setting up her own practice as a founding practitioner of The Greville Street Clinic in Prahran and since 2003 , was a  founding director and practitioner of Daylesford Health Professionals until 2014. She now is the sole operator of Central Highlands Pain & Well-being Centre in Daylesford .

She is proud to have founded the first dedicated Chinese Herbal Medicine degree in an Australian university in 1996. In December 2000, she was appointed to the inaugural Chinese Medicine Registration Board of Victoria and completed her nine year term during 2009. She Lectured in Traditional Chinese Medicine for 16 years, until 2008 at Victoria University . More recently she consulted for the National Chinese Medicine Board between 2012- 2014, assessing grand-parenting applications and contributing to accreditation standards for ongoing registration qualifications.

Finally, at the end of 2014 she devised a  Community open group acupuncture model into her Daylesfored clinic, enabling her to offer acupuncture  in a form that makes access to her skills less costly , while the power of healing is enhanced in a group setting. The shared conversations from the participants can be very enlightening, funny or supportive. If you are not sure if acupuncture is right for you, this low cost form is a way to dip your toe in.

Shelley consults in Daylesford.

She now lives in Glenlyon with her partner, cat, dogs, chickens and cows.  She transposed her Daylesford rose & iris garden there, much to the annoyance of her  partner: lucky they don’t need much of the rain water.  She regularly starts each day with yoga and then a walk or or when she runs, the old dog returns for home sooner and sooner as he ages. She  has an eye for the beautiful seen in the natural environment and derives great stillness there.

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