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Using Chinese medicine & acupuncture to stimulate your body into vibrant aliveness. Using acupuncture & Chinese herbs to  enliven chronic pain out of stagnation, rebalance vital flow to calm stress, ease worry and restore well-being.

This site has 2 types of bookings. The top one is Daylesford private consultations, scroll down the page for Daylesford Community acupuncture start times.

A few important notes
Self Bookings close 2 hours before appointments.
Community acupuncture- if bookings are closed, you can still arrive drop in– preferably 30 minutes before the advertised closing times shown on the Home page
IF you cant find a time for an urgent need, please call 0422 353 446 on Monday & Wednesday or 0417 036 153 on Tues & Thurs, Friday . On Sat SMS both numbers rather than call – whoever is on duty will contact you

From November Dr Rebecca Tolhurst is available for all new clients , as Shelley has closed her books to new clients . Having known Rebecca since 2000, Shelley is confident you are in good hands with Rebecca’s extensive experience- see more about her here