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Using Chinese medicine & acupuncture to stimulate your body into vibrant aliveness. Tan Balance acupuncture (Based on Yi Jing Ba Gua) enlivens chronic pain out of stagnation, rebalances vital flow to calm stress, ease worry and restore well-being. IF you cant find a time for an urgent need, please call 0417 036 153 on the day

A few important notes
Self Bookings close 2 hours before appointments.
Community acupuncture- if bookings closed, you can still arrive drop in- preferably 30 minutes before the advertised closing times shown on the Home page

This site has 2 types of bookings. The top one is Daylesford private consultations, scroll down the page for Daylesford Community acupuncture start times,

From late July 2017 I am no longer travelling to Castlemaine . For Private Consultations please let me know if you prefer your notes to be passed on to a local practitioner or book to see me in Daylesford